Wednesday, 21 March 2007

The Health and Safety Problem in Schools Today!

After a weekend off, I’ve been deciding on what to write about next. Then I saw Richard and Judy, another great source of annoyance in the world! There was a doctor on the show who, rightly so, was fed up with the current state of how children aren’t allowed to do anything anymore in certain schools. Its health and safety gone absolutely mad! Get this; some schools have banned contact sports. Wrong! Kids are supposed to play contact sports and occasionally they will get hurt, but that’s growing up. If they don’t do these sports and get ruffed up occasionally we’ll turn in to the Swiss!! And I don’t mean make good chocolate and launder nazi gold either!

I was talking to a colleague of mine who was saying that kids can’t play conkers without goggles or a visor covering their faces! I’m sorry……did I miss something? Since when did conkers become dangerous weapons! That’s why we didn’t find anything when we invaded Iraq they were looking for missiles not a load of squirrels in the trees hiding conkers!! On ‘This Morning’, a regular on this blog, recently they had a piece about a school banning skipping ropes, so a child couldn’t commit suicide! They would only want to commit suicide if they had nothing to do and had nothing to live for! What’s happening when a kid can’t use a skipping rope! Also, I hear that kids don’t do cooking at school anymore! What are the women going to do when they leave?! ONLY JOKING!!

Some of the schools even banned the children from playing out in the snow recently. Now that’s part of growing up and with global warming messing up our snowy winters these kids may not get the winters we used to. You’ve got to throw a few snowballs!! They can’t even go on skiing trips to see snow as the teachers won’t take them due to the worry of being sued if they broke a toe-nail or skied in to a moose, which is a usual occurrence on ski trips!

So no more British bulldog, no more football, no more conkers! Kids will lose their drive, ambition and competitiveness which everyone needs to succeed in life. I hate to say it, but it’s true and I know I always come back to it, but………that’s why kids are getting obese! Not only are they being fed anything they want, they never move from their playstations (not that I can talk) or computers. They’re turning in to non-driven, spoilt, non-socialising drones and our future economy will suffer. People with better attitudes and more commitment and ambition will simply walk over us as the remainder of our population sit around not being bothered what happens! In the future they’ll sit there with their Start Trek style food replicators ordering vast amounts of pizzas and hog roasts. People won’t be able to leave the house to get a job or even compete in the global market-place turning the once Great Britain, captains of industry and innovations in to Lame Britain, somewhere you can put fat people who have to wash themselves with a rag on a stick and get Jerry Springer to cut the sides off their house to get them out to crane them on to a pick-up truck and take them for all you can eat at Billy Bob’s Slop House!!

So once again my blog has ended with a similar ending, but the beginning, if continued, will I’m afraid in the bleak picture I have painted. I say lets have a bit of old fashioned thinking and let kids be kids otherwise they’ll end up wet, weak push-overs who’ll never achieve what they possibly could.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from down under!

I agree what happens with you to a certain extent, as i always do, because I have muchos respoctos for your ginger hair, however, a wise man once told me in Albert Sqaure that boys that dont play with conkers and end up playing "School Boy Rugby" end up becoming Overseas Customer serrice reps for First Choice! I rest my case!

Anonymous said...

Gaz, you're right bout so many things and I totally agree... but having been one of your drinking buddies since school (cough) sorry, since we were 18, I musy point out... you're sounding like a grumpy old man already... too much living it up caught up with you finally?? Was my birthday the other day... its yours in a couple of months... we going to the working mens for a bitter, and maybe a game of bingo?...