Wednesday, 14 March 2007

My 1st Blog

Many things get my goat, but what i'm going to try and achieve with this blog is comment on any news that happens that day. There is 1 thing i need to get off my chest and that is obese people. I have no problem with them and in fact many of my friends are of portly proportions, but when i watched that documentary the other night about that mother with the 14 stone child i was OUTRAGED! First of all the granmother has to go round to her house to dress, wash and feed the poor kid before taking him to school. Then she goes back to the house to get the mother up! Unbelievable! The first shot you see of her is lying in bed with a fag hanging out of her mouth - NICE! Then the narrator says '*her name* has been suffering from depression because of her sons weight problem', WHAT?! Sort it out woman! You do nothing! You give that poor kid tons of junk food and wonder why he's the size of a small caribbean island?! Dinner time came round so she serves a mass of fat flooded with gravy, good choice! Try giving him a salad maybe? Then she went on to say that he steals food from the fridge and she wont go as far as to put a lock on it. I agree, dont put a lock on the fridge discipline your child so he doesn't steal in the first place! The interviewer asked the mother 'Who do you blame for your childs weight problem?' to which she replied 'I have to take some responsibility, but nobody gave me any help or guidance. When i did get help they said feed him healthy food which i do'. I'm amazed this woman can walk and breath at the same time to be honest! That poor kid has been bought up being allowed to shovel what he wants in to his mouth and it'll be very difficult for him to break this cycle. Now this is why i started this blog. 'Nobody gave me any help or told me what to do' attitudes. It's pretty obvious that when he cant fit through doors or he affects the tides when you go to the seaside then there's a problem!

I saw another report about a woman who said she was 'being left to die' because she had been taken out of a PRIVATE clinic costing £5000 per WEEK after 6 MONTHS paid for by the NHS aka us the taxpayers! I refuse to pay my taxes so someone who LOVES DE CAKE have 6 months in some 5 star fat camp! If she wanted to eat that much take responsibility for the consquences! If i drink too much i get a hangover i deal with that not get the NHS to pay for me to have a day in a luxary spa in the cotswolds!

I've just typed in obese in yahoo news and what do i see 'Most britons will be obese in 25 years'. What a statement! It goes on to say 'Britain could even overtake the US where an estimated one third of the population is obese, to become the fattest nation on earth.' Please people! Then it says 'British women are already the fattest in Europe, with 23 per cent clinically obese. Men fare little better, at 22.3 – behind only Malta.' British women are the fattest in Europe! That's horrific! Malta surprises me in being the fattest nation of men though. No basis for that it just surprised me. We'll have to change this countries name to Great Britarse or something.

In other countries you have to get on by yourself to which i agree. It's amazing that we've lasted for so many millions of years living with no electricity, running water, transportation and effective medicine! Stop moaning that the government doesn't do enough or that you dont receive enough benefits and do something about you're own life!

I feel so much better now. I can get on with my day, but tomorrow i know there will be something else that will steal my beef. Thank you for reading my first of many ramblings of a mad man.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr

O h ho i miss the rambling chats and arguments we all used to have about things that got on our nerves!!
i'm seeing an opening for you maybe as a laye night chat show host on 5 :o)

cant wait for the nxt one!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you, it would be nice to know were the fathers are in all this,why dont they help out.

i agree with the other person, you should be on the stage,

looking forward to the next one!

Anonymous said...

I agree with eveything you said, what is Britain coming too!!.

Looking forward to the next ramble

Anonymous said...


I totally totally agree mate, you have officially lost the plot!
wondering what its gonna be tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Gaz you complete Looney Bin!

Have you ever considered who is to blame for this appalling state of Royal Britania? Well, you half english and half welsh weirdo, 2 words! Gene Wilder! Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? What was all that about? Thank f*@k im in Sydney..for now!

Craig (aka Boyo)

Gareth said...

Thank you for all your comments. If you would like please put your name on so i can see who has sent them. Hope you enjoy the next blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr one man freakshow,

I would like to hear your ramblings on celebrities that get your goat, benefit leaches, WAGS etc.

Yours Truly


Jamie said...

G unit!

Do you know what really annoys me? People who sit in front of the computer in their urine stained y fronts, scratching their arse, flicking a cigarette in to an empty KFC bucket half buried with dodgy scrunched up tissues with an a weird stale cat food smell everywhere writing an opionated blog about things they dont like. lol. only joking mate, its very good, if only you were the king!(instead of me)